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Rumored to have been dead after publishing Blood of the Dead Poet, James Scurlock, Chops Mallory’s twin brother, has resurfaced to work in tandem w/ the band Naked! while Chops continues to serve out his prison sentence. ‘I’m glad there’s someone w/ more ability than I to work on the music,’ Chops said. Currently serving two life sentences for murders he did not commit, Chops says, ‘I can provide lyrics but, laying down the vocals in here becomes a bit difficult.’ Naked! plans to start work on their first album THIS BAND IS FUCKING NAKED!/IN GENDER FOR ALL before the end of the year.I’m never getting out,’ Chops says. ‘James got out. James is never coming back.’ The band hopes to record a 2 track single release in the near future.

Romanian Consulate has confirmed that the body of Miłość Trompf, aka NOCTORAL, has been recovered after committing suicide on the trail of ______________ while traveling on vacation. Official endorsed statement reads- ‘We’re shocked. It is a shock and tragedy to us all. It is with regret that we pass NOCTORAL from our records. He will no longer contribute records to our music industry.’ MGMT Well, thank you, management. Only twenty five, NOCTORAL leaves behind 3 releases in the face of BICFUM.

BEEKILLER is the only current member of BLOODY HAMMER, a Romanian thrash metal band that sings about snotty noses and gray sky. Society is a cancer. It’s an inbred sore upon itself that never takes time to see that it is only itself that it is looking at. I’m not writing no fucking love songs here,’ BEEKILLER said. He refused signature for contract with BICFUM on agreement to the production of an album before his stay in Bright Light began. Originally booked on unfounded charges of continued misuse of slander while being held by the CIA, it is not known if he will ever serve out his prison sentence. He is awaiting commutation for transfer to Tartu Prison in Estonia for ‘destruction of holy relics deemed orthodox to religious institution.’

In other news…

Lord Nekroth has begun work on his first release, Crna Gora. Always the precedent to his music, he remains unavailable for contact within the mountain ranges of Macedonia.

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