Until our sister company gets her shit together, we’re running shit. From the upcoming album, This Band is Fucking Naked! Look for it to hit stores in November.

Me, I’m w/ the Devil

Is that me w/ the devil?

Is that me or is that you?

Is it right to be abused?

Is it right to even choose?

Somewhere, somehow…

I see 10k soldiers riding in their saddles

Is it right to even lose?

I hear 10k soldiers lying to their shadow

I see 10k soldiers lying in their shallow

See it’s me w/ the devil

Everybody lose

10k soldiers bleeding on the mountain




Unbelievable fucking drums on this track. Levon Helm, drummer The Band, etc. Surprised Lynerd Skynerd doesn’t hate Neil Young for this track, Southern Man is awesome. Tribute my ass,’Take a whissun’


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