Praise Hail Satan

So we beat up our newscaster for posting on our blog. He fancies himself an anarcho, but he’s more of an anti-soc in the direct sense of the word- you ever seen that episode of Family Guy? Well, we saw talk radio too. This next track… is anything/everything I’ve always believed. MacDaniel is the name- we’ll be taking back Scotland very soon. Our main exports will be wool & energy. (A toast) Videte ergo vos


Video Break #157

You ever wonder what these chicks are doing at night? Probably playing metal. I don’t even think there’s a category for this- check out the changes. FUCKING AWESOME! LOVE IT! LIVE IT! BREATHE IT! BE IT! SHIT, SIGN ME UP, PREFERABLY IN ENGLISH PLEASE.

Having Crossed the Abyss

Horny on a Sunday Morning or Chasing Nuns


Like 10,000 other dead rose petals

What is the point?

So that someday she may read of me hanging myself?

My heart is dead; love is no longer welcome…


Her breasts are like marble mountains

Smaller than any I’ve ever known

Only smaller than I’ve ever been interested in

Hers I shall put on the statues of every woman from here until the fall

& after the passage was through

There was no one but me staring into my eyes through the reflection of the mirror

Standing in the dark wondering at the inverted curves of my eyelashes

How could I even close my eyes?

Surely they would be damaged


An ass like hers, I would kill nations over

There is no point in pushing that heavy square stone any longer

It never moves; choosing to feel nothing instead

Happiness in the movements of a passing b-bopper

Wonder is in the thought of each passing woman’s eyes