Video Break #157

You ever wonder what these chicks are doing at night? Probably playing metal. I don’t even think there’s a category for this- check out the changes. FUCKING AWESOME! LOVE IT! LIVE IT! BREATHE IT! BE IT! SHIT, SIGN ME UP, PREFERABLY IN ENGLISH PLEASE.


This Band is Fucking Naked! (#2)

He brought you the band, we bring you lyrics- more lyrics from prison, he sends his hell

“kick that bitch in her fucking face”

Mojo Son (My God Now)

Now I know, because I’m the one
Now I know, because I’m the only
Sold my soul, to be the oneNow I am the holy
Somewhere down in Spain…
I don’t want to love
Life just pass away
I don’t have anyone

We don’t have to pay

I don’t want your love

Bundled up the sun

just to ride away

Your blood is coming

Murder all the way

Murder is bloodshed,

You bleed, you die

No forgiveness coming
Destroy you for your shit fuck process
It’s what you call your day

Yes, I want to sell my son

Yes, I want to kill my son

Yes, I’m gonna sell your son

Somewhere down in Spain

A Message to the Dali Lama

This world is in pain. It still mourns the loss of life during World War II. Even w/ the meditationists, there is little we can do. Great agony, pain and sorrow ensues. They will say it is my immediate future, such as getting screwed in prison. When it’s a setup, there is nothing else one can do.

Talk to the transcendentals- there is little to nothing we can do.

Jesus is the regret of the executions of Roman Empire.

Behold! The Blind Magician

The guy who wrote this shirt piece hung himself to Behind Enemy Lines. Or at least he thought he did. He smoked so much bath salt he got paranoid the local gang was going to kill the occupants of his house & put his bloody fingerprints all over everything in the house to frame him he grabbed a shotgun & killed everyone in the house and began devouring his wife & kids flesh. Or was that the other guy? Maybe he raped his 10 year old daughter, blew her brains out and began devouring her flesh, recording the whole thing live stream on Facebook w/ his mobile phone after he killed & raped the wife he had no idea it was in his hands the entire time. That story is unclear. Hopefully she killed him before anything like even happened. Either way, bad fucking luck for that guy.

After Judas hung himself, John grew depressed, so off he went to cut his son Jesus’s head from the rope. After finding out what his head could still do to his penis, John gave birth to Christianity. ‘Christ,’ he said, crushing the Judas head while cumming. And the baby’s head was nevermore…

What is the skill of a blind magician? Always good… I’m glad it wasn’t gay at all then. The semen of John pours forth from the polluted words that drip from their mouths. Banish the thought of salvation from your god fucked minds. This is hell… many of us will never be allowed to leave this planet.

Do I believe some little 12 year old hung herself on live feed Facebook? Fuck no. 19 people dead from Bird Flu in China this winter, 5,000 tanks across Germany. No chance in hell they want you to know what the fuck is really going on in the world. It’s not convenient. Who is Behind Enemy Lines? Truth.