Miłość Trumpf, AKA: NOCTORAL, (R.I.P.)

Actual Transcript of an Interview with Miłość Trumpf, AKA: NOCTORAL before his death in the disputed region of Donetsk, formerly Ukraine

Yeah, the thing about that band was that no one knew. I mean their whole act was wearing motorcycle helmets so no would see their faces. Every time they appeared in public, people just thought it was a gag. (lights cigarette) The reality, man… they were fucking cannibals. They had lesions all over their faces & body like lepers, man, just from eating human beings. I knew this crazy guy, he like to go to their shows, he got invited to go hang out with them one time. He called me & told me was going, I told him he was stupid. ‘Don’t even speak to people you don’t know man, didn’t you fucking learn anything growing up?’ ‘You’re fucking stupid,’ he told me. He called me from the bathroom, scared out of his fucking head, ‘Holy shit,’ he just kept saying. ‘They’re fucking cannibals!’ (inhaling cigarette) I guess the place was all bloody, bones, scalps, real fucking Ed Gein sick shit. He sent me some pictures but they were mostly black, you couldn’t see shit anyway. I think when the cops found him, he was missing limbs. They had doped him up on so much fucking acid he didn’t know who the hell he was. I mean they knocked out all his fucking teeth, you know, so they couldn’t id him by his dental records, burned his his fingertips off, I don’t think they left any hair on his body. Obviously he was id’d, maybe dna or something, he had no fingerprints, his flesh was burned pretty badly. (inhaling off cigarette) but he ain’t ever going to be same. Fucking guy’s retarded now, total dipshit. He shit’s his pants and everything, pisses all over himself. And all they while they were a band, just kept playing at techno shows & people loved it. (takes a couple puffs off his cigarette) I mean that’s why I stay the fuck away from people. You never know, especially with these cops nowadays. Little punk ass mother fucking white pride kids, mormons or something, skinny little fucking bitches too, they show up, go through your belongings, make a list & check it twice like fucking santa claus or something. They pretend to be officer joe ‘suck my cock’ smoe or something, cop kids or recruits, real little fucking bitch punk asses that know kung fu or something. Or Army personnel playing cop because they think raping a little bitch in japan is ok while their MP. They deserve the worst man. All of them, their fucking families too. It’s war on the cops dude. World fucking wide. I guess you see now why I support the Chechens and the tactics they use-

At this point the interview was stopped due to the fact that BICFUM Records will not be held accountable for any events that have may or may not have occurred, previously or in the future.