Good Morning Africom

I always wonder how my ex did w/ a lesbo. If she got together w/ a black, that’s her fucking problem. He’ll find out eventually she’s a fucking nut. Live with anyone for 3 years, you’ll be looking for other chicks to fuck. Unless of course she was a cop. That makes her death all the more justified. It’s a catch 22 really. I totally support the cops shooting blacks. At the same time, I totally support the blacks shooting cops. No lives matter, we are the fucking dead. People need to wake up & realize some serious John Lennon shit. I can’t support a black movement, I don’t even support the Americans. I’m still pissed at the abolitionists for pushing feminism back the 200 years it took them to take off their shirts. Fuck racism, I hate it, I can’t support it. It needs to be solved, it’s a serious problem. It’s everywhere. I think ironic would be me marrying the chick my ex-girlfriend got together with when we broke up. It’s not like they would have stayed together anyway, she was bound to find out after a couple months my ex was a fucking loon anyway. Life is kind of funny that way. Hey really, I think you’re the cop. After all, you’re the piece of shit that keeps recording/taking pictures of me. Go fuck yourself. Lucky? Not me. Lucky are the ones who fuck porn stars. I mean seriously, just look at Priya Rai…

We are the Belgium Kern, the Black Wolves Elite. Alive or dead


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