ADDENDUM to Porno Alley/Satanic Expressions of the Flesh

Act 2: Tierra Sita from LIFE ON THE CONGO
(Destroyed for All Intensive Purposes)

by Gromnivus Gilvern

Act Two
(lights the dark)
man and woman gathering from their feet on stage. The curtain is a display of any portion Congo.
(voice. SOUND!)

-poor Teresa
-fucked in the ass w/ a wooden dildo
+they raped her
+imagine if there were splinters
-I had never thought of it before. I guess they would have had to make it smooth…
+like fucking a porcupine. Quitely! you would not think of such things, you are a man.
-I am not interested in sticking things into my body
+correct. Nor am I interested in sticking things in you
-which explains the stone phallus
-I thought they were simply representational
+25000 yr old pussy juice on that stone
+imagine the cuts

-the nicks
+just like shaving
-only reversed
+/- (laughs)
(woman screams)
-which explains the snakes
-the thought had occurred to me
-to find that there is no occult at all
+just shadows
-it is not even a science
+simple liberation
(sound of toasting- To hell!)
+(looking around) What in the world?
-War. Kept from the oppressive eye of the mindless church
+they would never understand
-but rather only give momentary pleasures to their raped minds
+it is an intricacy
-a delicacy
+like the veil that hangs before the entrance to god
-nothing there at all
+there never even was
-no reason to live at all
+neither above
-nor below
+you have known this
+torture in the name of god
-it is pointless
+it is pitiful
-it is murder

+yet still they worship blood
-then they shall get it
+they are receiving it
-like when I butchered their Christ & forced them to drink his blood…
+it is not the same
-then nothing past this exists at all
+You are quite right. Do not let it depress you
-then I am ready to return to the ranks
(man yells- TO HELL!)
+you have always been ready
-for how long?
-that long?
(welcome back my child)
+the will of god is to consume
-then of course the they would lie
+you liked to cut them
+you are very disturbed
-quite possibly… I do not think I shall bother with them anymore
+they are afraid of you
-they are afraid of what they cannot see
+they are simply thoughts
-for simpletons
+let them eat themselves
-to death
(woman yells- I’M READY!)
+it is a repetitive process
-you know it kind of turned me on
+they were just showing her some anal love.
-familial incest
+yes. When?
+were you there?
– I wasn’t
+but you were turned on?
-yes, the aunt was getting screwed.
+& she came
-I know she did. Then she went down on her niece

+to make her cum
(woman moans in ecstasy- OMG!)
-always fun
+what a wicked little child
-biting at her servants nipples
+& they had to put up w/ that
-They beat her just to see the bruises
+it is hilarious
-to a certain extent
+I’m still laughing…
-at the scarf in the mouth? you would
+at the idea
-of what?
+of monarchy
-what of it
+that they were never really in power
-to a certain extent. They could murder & maim any of the many.
+correct. Until they crushed the wishes of the holy roman empire.
-pushed back within their little convent of steel.
-the confines
+of the Vatican
(Priest speaks- Put that down! [echoes in and out])
-there would be no point in laying a siege
+they would survive
-unless it was with tanks
-I’m being molested
+by whom?
-the federal bureau
+yes, they do that now.
-it keeps them employed
+they have recently been promoted
-to national security…
+the land of chaos
-land of lies
+land of death

-they are not fit
+they keep themselves in shape
-for murder.
+The plague?
-Perhaps. They are testing it now you know.
+Yes. Indeed. Then it shall come.
+disease. It is already spreading
-like the bullshit news
+who gives a fuck?
-they bother me
+Go take a nap
-Maybe perhaps I’ll take a pill
+I’m sure it will make yourself kill you
-I will.
+It’s me or them
-Then you.
+Of course my love
(+/- kisses to the sound of kissing)
-What is that? (looking around)
+The kings & queens
-Stupid tricks of the card. I believe… (voice growing farther) it passes through 5 of their different states
+But they are not called states there at all
+Whatever that you will.
-Then, ah yes, whatever… (sound of water) It is a river
+it is the new area of contention
-an entry point
+to the start of the worldwide war
-A countdown
+twenty years & counting…
-I will happy when I am free
+You will be happy when you are dead.
-Too true. And so shall you.
+Correct. Put back your blinders on

-I never looked away
+They are nothing more than words
-They think they are intelligent
+(growing excited) But when they come at you w/ fists…
-(lowered head) Not exactly…
+I am Proud!
– I am Proudhon!
+ You are the only black man on this planet
-(through smiles and beams, stepping forward) Yes I AM.
+No one will even notice
-(looking away) they should stuff that river full of mines
+ Then the children will not be able to swim
– That is fine. I think there are crocodiles
+ You think that you are anything
– I think that I am not
+ I would rather think that you will.
– Perhaps.
+Then that is what you are
-what more then is there for us to say?
-Onto the morning executions?
+Yes, they are quite grand aren’t they?
-They do provide an outlet
+A demise
-Only butchering the innocents
(woman yells from terrace- I’m innocent!)
+(looking down and pointing at his feet) you’re feet smell like loaves of bread again
-Good. Then let us hope they cut them off again to feed themselves
+Shall we?
-Yes we shall…

(man and woman turn. Exit middle stage left through black in curtain)

(voice begins) We hoped you have enjoyed our conversation. We Thank you for listening. We don’t know how unsafe we would be without you. (fading) Come back John Stewart. Come back and save us from… this… hell!


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