New Day, New Ways

*Let it be known that the movement is recognized. Being that the movement has gone worldwide, some historians may refer to this period in the future as the Equality Now Movement. May you give them the equality that they deserve. Best of luck & see you there. Yes, I remember Ruben Carter, nothing has changed. Same dirty ass fucking pigs, same fucked up racist system under a bullshit fucking flag.

Hey if gays hate pussy, lesbians must really hate penis. I haven’t grabbed her ass in like 20 years. Wasn’t much then, wasn’t much now, but that never stopped me from fucking a chick w/ no ass. My ex didn’t have an ass, I still fucked the shit out of her every chance I could get. We’d leave work just to go fuck at my apartment, I don’t know why we weren’t fucking in her car instead. Oh yeah, because she put some dudes balls in her mouth in that car, that’s why. I forgot. So I’m bed w/ this chick grabbing her ass again & rubbing her pussy. & this chick hadn’t been fucked in a while man, her pussy was so god damn fucking tight I had to go down on her just to get a look at it & smell my fingers to make sure her cunt didn’t smell. It didn’t, so I’m looking at her pussy, playing with it getting ready to fuck her & then POW! She remembers she has a boyfriend, runs out the room. Eh, what can you do? You sure as hell can’t buy a drink w/ $.50.

It’s a give & take world. The only chick I want to fuck the shit out of has a girlfriend & seems scared shitless to even talk to me. All she does is stare at me now. Great fucking ass though…

Check out my babies- The coffee shop girls. Because when no one is playing, these chicks are the only ones that are. They got more fans than most of us ever will.


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