An Asian Mini-Series

(1st Entry to the 2nd Book of the Buddhist Manifesto)




Rising of the sun

Passing of the moon they say

Wish she was the one

It’s just another pun

Rising waters

Covered bar

Saloon door entrance

Do you feel like dying/drowning tonight?

Sometimes I feel like dying

Burnt out edges

On every fucking corridor

Counting down the tales until

The day that I become

Wish I was the one

It’s already over…

Going to a meeting?

You know they have skin grafts on Tuesday

Kisses would have been nice

Her tits on me all night

I’d still fuck the shit out of her, I love her eyes

She gives me a bonor just to think

How nice it would really be

Watching an asian miniseries & sleeping all day or late

Or just sleeping w/ her all night

I want her sex on the beach

Drinking we’d just fuck & produce offspring


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