Testimony of Mr. Seward (A Poetical)

& everything you wanted
& everything you said
& everything you wished for
Know that I'll be dead
What does it really matter, the distance between two worlds anyway?
She is there & I am here
With no space left in the distance between them
Gone & long, the passage closed
No way home
No way back
Better she's somewhere she'll never know about me
Raising a kid & living life
All w/in a space of time
A single thought of motion

I saw her there, like in New York
But that world is so much bigger
Electric signs & towers everywhere
The hotels were giant & designed like shopping malls
It doesn't exist anywhere
Like a molecule in your head, like a thought that just passes you by
when you happen to breathe it in
It was only just to save this time
When I passed through that single thought of moments...

She has a kid & at least I'm not a thought to her
It was just to get her out
There is no returning
There is no going back
Reality & she's in love
The window I could never break
(of) Worlds I shattered long ago

The woman I will never see
The world I left behind to be
The type of man she'll never see 
It's good to know that I'll be dead
& what a blessed day & in the end
Something I have left to look forward to

Makes me smile to think that someday I'll be dead

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