19 March, 2017. Minsk Time 08:00 hrs
ÄRC annexes Leningrad Oblast. ÄRC increases territory by 84,500 km2.

19 March, 2017. Minsk Time 08:05 hrs
Lord Nekroth seizes disputed region of Lovozersky District increasing size of ÄRC by 53,800 km2.

2nd Entry: Holy Book of Zen

Sadness in the eyes of charm
Does she realize that my heart is easily broken too?
I am nothing my love
As simple as the rising sun
Passing from each moment until the day becomes the next

I cannot approach you like this
I will not approach you like this
A million ways to smile
But only if she wants to…

It didn’t even look like her
It might have been her sister

Good Morning Africom

I always wonder how my ex did w/ a lesbo. If she got together w/ a black, that’s her fucking problem. He’ll find out eventually she’s a fucking nut. Live with anyone for 3 years, you’ll be looking for other chicks to fuck. Unless of course she was a cop. That makes her death all the more justified. It’s a catch 22 really. I totally support the cops shooting blacks. At the same time, I totally support the blacks shooting cops. No lives matter, we are the fucking dead. People need to wake up & realize some serious John Lennon shit. I can’t support a black movement, I don’t even support the Americans. I’m still pissed at the abolitionists for pushing feminism back the 200 years it took them to take off their shirts. Fuck racism, I hate it, I can’t support it. It needs to be solved, it’s a serious problem. It’s everywhere. I think ironic would be me marrying the chick my ex-girlfriend got together with when we broke up. It’s not like they would have stayed together anyway, she was bound to find out after a couple months my ex was a fucking loon anyway. Life is kind of funny that way. Hey really, I think you’re the cop. After all, you’re the piece of shit that keeps recording/taking pictures of me. Go fuck yourself. Lucky? Not me. Lucky are the ones who fuck porn stars. I mean seriously, just look at Priya Rai…

We are the Belgium Kern, the Black Wolves Elite. Alive or dead


After Paul the soldier ran to the temple he asked the priest, ‘Which is the word of god?’ The priest replied that christo was preaching the true word of god in front of the church. So Paul went to the church to see what word he was preaching instead. When he got there, jesus was already dead. He had been stabbed in the throat & they were planning to seal him up in cave so that his body would not be found.